Posted by: Moni | December 24, 2007

Introduction to the travel blog-

I’m lucky enough to be able to go places.  I travel for work, I travel for fun, and I love it.   I also usually go places alone.  I actually prefer it that way for the most part; when I am alone I can really do what I feel like doing, or not feel like anyone is slowing me down (or vice versa).   Though – sometimes it is nice to share an experience with someone, be it friends, family or a co-worker.  I think I’m in a phase where I could do either comfortably.  I also know it won’t be this way forever, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. 

 As far as how much I actually travel, I’m a lightweight compared to some people I’ve spent time with over the last year.  Its amazing to me how much life one person can see and put into words simple enough for anyone to understand.  For that reason, I’m going to ask friends (well, the ones who are interested) to guest star on this blog for fun.  I know most people aren’t into journaling quite as much as I am, but I think it would be interesting to get a variety of perspectives on the worlds we live in.


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