Posted by: Moni | December 27, 2007

Denver – The Places

Since I was offline until I created this blog, I’m going to backtrack and blog about my trip to Denver a bit.  This will be a quick hit post, though!  I should have started while I was there! 🙂

When I arrived in Denver, I met Rebecca and Clint out at the terminal.  Denver’s airport makes it easy for people to arrive and everyone to greet them, so I walked straight up and got hugs! yay!

We navigated to the luggage check (because with coats, I knew I’d pack too much for a carry-0n.. it was a good thing for later on) and zipped out of the airport extremely fast due to Clint’s “lean airport” process. LOL.

After that, we settled in and started the visit!  Rebecca lives within walking distance to downtown Denver, so we got to go to a lot of cool local places that are not like things you find in the North Austin area. Maybe you would in Keep-Austin-Weird-Austin-Proper area, but it was really refreshing to be in such an urban area!  We went to Lola, which was this really relaxing tequila bar down the street.  It had a panoramic view of downtown Denver, and a pretty relaxing vibe.  There was a nice loungy area downstairs also. A+.

We also hit up Howard’s bar – AKA, My Brother’s Bar – which is their usual hangout. Rebecca and I had the Ralphie, which was made out of Bison and quite tasty!!

Lets see.. I also experienced St. Germain’s liquor over there, which I have had a hell of a time finding over here. I checked out Spec’s, Twin, and Grapevine market – no success. I ended up ordering online instead. Its elder flower liquor, YUM!

During the day, we went for a visit to the Savory Spice Store, which I thought was really awesome!  They had all kinds of spices, and it was completely packed for last minute gift shopping.  They had a lot of great gift sets that were themed – I purchased a Bloody Mary Kit for a friend, and saw some great curry and marinade mixes. YUM.

We stopped off at Brows and got our makeup done.  The owner of this place was really cool – he printed off a picture, and mirrored my makeup to look just like it.  He did a great job!

Later on in the week, we went to Trios Enoteca, this wine and cigar bar that has a really good atmosphere. We did two wine flights and did a process of elimination taste test.  We chose the wine that we liked the most between the three of us, and bought a bottle of it.  It was definitely a good one – I wish I remembered what it was, though!

All in all, I was impressed with the area.  It had a lot to offer, and all within walking distance of home.  We had a great time, and there was so much to experience.  Good times.. 🙂


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