Posted by: Moni | December 28, 2007

Denver – A White Christmas

The night of the 24th, Rebecca and I had Sushi at Sushi Den – the sushi there was REALLY fresh and incredibly yummy. The story is, Two brothers own the restaurant; one in the US, one in Japan. One brother ships fresh fish to the other every day after its killed in Japan. Crazy, yes – but delicious!

We spent the rest of the evening at home, watching movies we acquired earlier that day. Most were in the romance genre, and we had some wine to chill out with as well.

The next morning, it was snowing! It was really the first time I’ve woken up on Christmas morning to snowflakes fluttering everywhere, falling to the ground. It was so peaceful and quiet that day.

We took a walk later on that afternoon – it was our exercise for the day, and very refreshing!


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