Posted by: Moni | December 29, 2007

Texas Roads

Taking that five hour drive down to the RGV is always a trip, physically and mentally. I always go alone, which gives me time to do what I want to in a car – listen to music, ponder upon the meaning of life, etc.. Actually, any form of travel does it – when I’m on an airplane, I always feel far more removed from any situation I’m pondering at the moment. It makes me feel able to look at any problem logically and always come to a great conclusion. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I follow it once I’m OFF the plane, but that’s a whole other story.

The first half of my drive, I spent on the phone. I spoke with probably six different people – everyone from old friends, to family, to my realtor – until I noticed my battery was going down the tubes. I decided to save it for an emergency. The rest of the time, I spent listening to my six favorite CDs at the moment – got a good groove on. I find roadtrips are far more bearable with a soundtrack.

The drive from Austin to Edinburg is very uneventful. Austin – San Marcos – New Braunfeuls – San Antonio – Three Rivers/George West – Premont – Falfurrais – Edinburg. Five hours. You get to watch wolfpacks go down the road and look at people’s driving habits. I always keep up with a pack until I take the 281 turnoff, and its usually myself on my own for a few miles.

I got home, and spent some time with my mom, dad and doggie – took a nap, ate some dinner, and went to go hang out with my three best friends from high school. We caught up on the last few months, and talked about what our short term immediate plans. Its funny how different we are, but the same. I’m still the flighty one who wants to do something different. Jill has her baby. Vanessa has school. Rita is planning her wedding. We jump from topic to topic and I sometimes wonder how we can all still stay connected, and hope that we always do. I’d like for us to be a bunch of old ladies sitting in our foursome talking about our missing fifth. 🙂

I’m going to be here for about a day and a half more, and I have big plans if I can hack it with needing to get some things done for work. I’d like to go shopping here (which is MURDER with everyone crossing the border to get the the mall), and in Mexico if I can. Gotta get some duty free action in some how… I definitely need to hit up the eats, which are dramatically different than what I can find in Austin. I’ll come back a couple of pounds heavier it seems!


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