Posted by: Moni | January 12, 2008

All at Sea

 Travel Blog – Austin to Manila.

1st leg:

Austin Airport. I arrive about an hour early for my flight, so I went to get something for breakfast and to settle in and check email before I leave. I went to the place I typically go for a breakfast criossant, and order some coffee while I’m at it. Wow, was that the worst coffee I’ve had in a while! I typically drink it on its own, maybe with some fake sugar, no cream. I actually HAD to add half-and-half to make it bearable.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me that well, my affinity for coffee is fairly recent. I’d drink it with friends, casually – but as time went by, ended up wanting coffee on my own.. making it in the mornings to drink on the way to work.. having a cup o’ joe here and there with Emily.. lo and behold! I’m suddenly a coffee snob. Its kind of like the way people start out smoking.

So, I get on my flight (after much blackberry time of finding out my project has gotten crazier than it was), and happen to be seated next to the VP of consumer whatever strategy at the company I work at. That was actually pretty interesting. Especially since we’re on the next few flights together. Damn. Luckily, us non-VPs go on business class instead of first class the rest of the time. Ha Ha Ha.

2nd leg:

Dallas to Tokyo. Now, typically I hop over the pacific on an older 767 that jiggles a bit when we take off. THIS time however, I’m on a brand-spankin’-new 777 with all the bells and whistles. Either way, the seats are cush, but the biggest differences are:

– The smell. Typically it smells like airplane. This time, it smells like nothing. Air. Yay!
– Storage!! All of the storage on the plane is MUCH more efficient. My carry-on AND my laptop bag could actually fit under the seat as opposed to having to break them up as usual. I didn’t anyways out of habit, but I was impressed. There are even little shelves for toiletry bags and shoes.
– TV. Usually, on the older 767s, you have a schedule according to the brochure, and that is IT. After the flight started though, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was actually a suite of new movies isted that you could pick and choose from! Extra bonus: the movies are actually some I had been meaning to see but hadn’t: The Bourne Ultimatum, Music and Lyrics, The Simpsons Movie.. and THEN some that I’ve had a bit of interest in but didn’t really go out of my way to see. So, I just watched The Bourne Ultimatum, listened to the closing Moby credits, and started writing. 🙂

Suddenly, the next 9 hours are looking far better. I can watch til I pass out. I’m trying hard to stay on the US schedule while sitting still for a full day, and I do believe this will help out a bit. Once in a hile, we get the obnoxious person who opens up a window and brightens the whole cabin, but other than that, we’re good.

I made friends with the flight attendants early this time, too. Good show!

3rd Leg: OK. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep on that Dallas to Tokyo flight. I tried! It just wasn’t happening until the very end when they serve you the snack. I got up, and was VERY drowsy.. got off the plane and up to the transfer desk. Well. As it turned out, my connection was in less than an hour!! Typically, I have 2-3 hours to shop around and sit in the lounge, but this time I actually had to sprint across the airport. Terminal trains, conveyer belts, and fast walking got me there on time. I was hungry though and very sad to pass up the noodle stands. I was DEAD tired though, and while waiting to board I actually had to THINK about keeping my balance. I boarded the plane and promptly passed out for four hours until it was 20 minutes til landing time.


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