Posted by: Moni | January 12, 2008

The Renaissance Makati City

Ahh.. its my home away from home.  I spent a total of two months there in 2007.  Kumusta!!

The way to the Hotel was actually nice and familiar – its dark, people are out, the ginormous billboards are showing their unique ads, and the traffic is a nightmare.  Yup. I’m back.  When I asked if it was the rainy season (their version of winter), my driver noted that it has been raining pretty hard, and informed me that we’re on typhoon watch.  Woohoo!  I have a thing for hurricanes and typhoons. I’m absolutely fascinated with how they form and the directions they take, so the second I got online I started taking a look at to see what the deal is.  Nothing bad, but there are a few tropical disturbances out there.

Now, since I’ve spent so much time in this hotel, I got off the car and was immediately flanked by the concerge staff: “Welcome back, ma’am! How long are you staying this time?”  “Hi Ma’am!” “Hi Ms. Monica!!” .. its actually good to know they remember me. 🙂 Its actually really comforting that they are all there and so friendly even after four months!  I checked in and got up to my room, and  caught up with a few of the staff members I would see on a regular basis.  Its a bit late, so I’ll have to go up in the evening tomorrow to see my favorite gay lounge officer, JoJo! I hope he’s still working here.  He’s a sweetheart, and always complimenting me OR telling me I look like crap.  I appreciate the honesty. 🙂

I unpacked, settled in, took a shower and ordered some Pad Thai from room service.  Yum-o..

Its 2am here.  Since its a weekend, I’m going to screw up my sleep schedule so I can go out and about tomorrow during the day.  Typically, I’m on US hours.  I need to go shopping for a few items I forgot in my haste to leave.  At least I remembered my int’l cell phone.. Luckily, there is a huge shopping center across the street (which my old manager’s cousin was architect for, oddly enough) – they’ve actually had a new section under construction for the last year, and its finally open! Can’t wait to check it out tomorrow.  Beginning Sunday morning (tonight for you guys back home), I’ll sleep in four-hour increments until its time to go to work on Monday night.  I get up at about 5:30 or 6:00pm, and head into work.  I should be meeting some co-workers for the first time, too! I’m excited.  We’ve been working together for months via conference calls, but have yet to meet.

When its daytime, I’ll start to take some pictures to post.. in the meantime, feel free to peruse through my other Manila albums from last year – I made about half of them private (the ones with people in them) so if you have a yahoo login – login, befriend me, and you can see the good stuff.:

Night everyone!  I’m going to finish eating, have a glass of wine, watch a movie and start on my funky weekend sleep schedule. Paalam!



  1. Damn, I forgot to give you money for a bag or something of some sort. 😦 Oh well. Next time…. Have fun!!

  2. One word…”Jelous!” 😛 Hope you got the CD before you left. 😉 When you are back we will have to do the 5th street “thing” again…FUN! And of course hear all about your latest “soon to be” ventures. 😀

    Take care Moni!

  3. Ummm, that would be “Jealous” 😛

    I are um “ejumicated” Hehhee ;P

  4. If they ever force me to go I’ll need you to act as my tour guide. Nothing says sucker than a fat whitey strolling aimlessly in down town

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