Posted by: rebser | January 13, 2008

San Fran

Hello, I’m Rebecca and since it was a little bit my idea to have guest bloggers on this site, it is my turn.

I am in San Francisco this weekend with my boyfriend Clint. Clint is here Mon-Thurs of pretty much every week consulting so he is showing me his stomping ground while away from Denver. So far, so fun.

I arrived on Friday night and after a short cab ride into the city we had dinner at Ozumo ( Ozumo is next door to our hotel ( and I’ve been hearing about how delish the food is for months. It definitely lived up to expectation. We ate and drank and took in the Asia-cool scene at the restaurant. Honestly, I feel infinitely cooler since walking in the door of the restaurant/bar/club. After dinner we went to a bar down the street (

Saturday we went on a walking tour of the city. San Francisco really is lovely. I like the tall buildings juxtaposed with the bridges and the ocean and then there is an air of celebration here. We walked through Chinatown (oh the smells of yumminess).

We managed to hold out until we got to the North Beach area and had Italian food at a place called Mona Lisa. It was Italian kitsch but I like kitsch and the food was A+. We continued the walk and went up and down some pretty steep hills San Francisco style. We shopped and looked and laughed. Good times in the city.

Later in the afternoon we met up with one of my oldest friends from San Antonio Josh. We go back to age 11 which strangely is 20 years ago. 20 years? It was good to catch up with him since it’s been a while. We went to the Dogpatch neighborhood (every neighborhood here has a funny name – Tenderloin is one because the cops used to like to go there and eat cheap beef) to a winebar called Yield. All of the wine was either organic or made green and it was good stuff.

He dropped us off in the Mission District and we watched the Patriots stick it to the Jaguars at a sports bar. Then we had Indian food for dinner which was served to us by at least 3 generations of the same family. Then we went to a place called the bottom of the hill to see another of my old school San Antonio friend’s band play. The band is Oliver Future and they sounded great. Here is what they look like.


To hear them, go to and they play in Austin a lot. So go.

So now it’s Sunday morning and I’m writing this and Clint is catching up on some Warcraft. We are going to Napa in a little while.


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