Posted by: Moni | January 17, 2008

The Honorary Pinoy (Pt 1)

Its really interesting, being the experienced one in the bunch. I’m the youngest person and only female traveler in this group, but I’m also the one showing everyone how to live, what to expect, what to look out for, and what to look forward to. Its honestly really great to be able to play tour guide – I realized today that these people that I’ve barely met, and who have only seen a side of me that is all work – have a lot of trust in me to get them around and to keep them relatively happy.  I feel really good knowing that I am absolutely giving them a good experience here, especially looking back on my first trip over.  It was really disorienting to go to a new place alone, and the guys I was here with weren’t too helpful.. it really showed me how I’d have done it differently, so I did!

The last two days were pretty good – the car rides home weren’t nearly as insane as the first couple. Well, it wasn’t to me anyways – I’m used to the traffic jams and crazy things you see on way home.  I was really surprised to see my coworkers were so shocked with the conditions surrounding us, but I guess it just shows how used to it I’ve gotten.  While our car rides to work are always at night, we’re always going home from work right after dawn breaks and morning traffic is at its worst.  After spending the first car ride letting them take it all in, I spent the second car ride home pointing out the incredible nuances that you see.

Examples (in which I’m planning on taking pictures of tomorrow to post):
– You’ll see fifty near-accidents every day. They rarely hit (unless I’m their fare apparently). Its like Crazy Taxi, only better. Or worse. Whatever.
– People live in shantis, even on the side of major highways.  You’ll see high cliffs piled with shantis, and piles of cement, tin and wood that people use as their homes.
-Cockfighting is HUGE here.  Its not uncommon for people to put their pet roosters on display outside of their front cement doors, either in a small wired cage or on a wire resembling a bent hanger.
– You’ll see cats wandering around, but NEVER see dogs unless they are sniffing luggage at hotels.  I tripped out Dario yesterday, asking him, “Hey. Do you see any dogs?” *looks around* “NO! Where are ze dogs?”  I motion eating and say, “No gato tacos…”  him: *shocked look* “Zey eat them? ZEY EAT THEM!!!” I just shrugged.
– All of the shop signs are distributed by one advertiser.  They are all identical, but all have different names written in marker. They seem to change very six months, so I pointed them out and was VERY hard pressed to find an old one.
– Markets are also set up on the side of major roads.  We drive by three or four different sections of row markets, full of fruit, veggies, and meat.
– Speaking of the meat, its all cut in slabs and put on display on the cement unrefrigerated.  It really looks unhealthy.
– I love the billboards. They’re so interesting, very high and posted on tons of scaffolding. Its at risk to blow over in a typhoon, and I’ve seen some torn apart – but they are always rebuilt. 🙂

Hmm, speaking of – no Typhoons in site, except in the Gulf of Thailand. Too far!

Ah, well.. I had a whole other half of a post that was actually very reflectional – but when I hit publish, my connection failed and I lost it. Maybe later I’ll be able to re-write that… that’ll be part 2 later on.

I’m not feeling so hot today (but am in good spirits;)), so I’m off!


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