Posted by: Moni | January 20, 2008

The Downside ..

I think I jinxed myself when I mentioned in the last post I wasn’t feeling so hot.

The downside to traveling through third world countries is always having to be conscious of what you eat and where you eat it.  This is my third trip here, and I think I’ve only had a bad reaction to something I ate once before now – however, I was better by the next day after my body rejected it and I puked whatever it was that wasn’t good up.

I’ve been pretty good about it this trip, too – especially since I have three people who haven’t been here before, and need to make sure they’re OK with whatever we eat also. We’ve been eating mostly at the hotel, restaurants around the site (and some are questionable so we are selective).  Well, Thursday night we ate separately, because I was busy printing off stuff for my upcoming house purchase. I ate in the upstairs lounge instead of the regular lounge, which typically there isn’t too much of a difference but I think in this case there was..

Long story short, something I ate recently has made me VERY ill.   Typically, I have an iron stomach – I can eat anything, and don’t really have too bad of an effect, even when people around me get sick.  Hell, I’ve been here through the water, ice, coffee, fruit, etc for months over here and really only had that one mishap that really took me less than three hours to get over.   Later on Thursday night, I got up feeling not well at all.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but I was up most of the night trying to get rid of it all.  You know you’ve got it bad when you are on the floor, and you wake up the next day with a sore neck from the backlash.

I remember briefly considering calling someone for help. I also actually at one point got up, felt really faint of head and ran out to the carpet so I wouldn’t crash on the tile. It was at that point that I actually began to freak out a little bit, but at that point I think I also felt less nauseated, so I went to bed and amazingly got some sleep.

Next day, I called my co-workers and told them I’d be going in later, and text messaged my manager to let him know I’d be out that morning. Its extremely difficult to be in the middle of a launch and get put out of commission, so I was up on email as much as I could be. I think that ended up being like, once.  I actually did get up and forced myself to go to work – BAD IDEA.  I didn’t have any physical reaction, but it was at the point where I got to the site when I realized how weak I actually was. Stupid me, always pushing myself. Its a problem.

I sent the guys off for the weekend, and have spent the last day and a half sleeping and waking up, getting energy back.  I basically slept all of Friday night and Saturday morning – and haven’t really been able to leave the room.  It kills me to be over here and to not be able to do stuff!  Luckily, I’ve done most of it before, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on too much.. but still.  Al and Andrew from work arrived last night, so I met them downstairs and finally got something solid down.  I pretty much just picked at the bread, but I think that gave me enough energy to start recuperating a bit.

The RR guys wanted to go out and do stuff, but them having just gotten off the plane, and me not feeling so well – we’ve all had a lazy day. Everyone here is so nice – I’ve ordered room service and the hotel staff asked if I needed to go to the clinic – in which I said no to at first – but then I ended up going down there today when I realized its been about 48 hours and I’m still not feeling so hot.  I felt better for a few hours earlier, but I’m right back to being nauseated.  They gave me some anti-nausea drugs and something to rehydrate (I’ve got a MONSTER headache), so we’ll see how that works.. I have GOT to get better before I get on that plane on Wednesday..



  1. OMG, Mon! I’m sorry you got sick and you’re still not feeling well. Miss ya babe!

  2. No me gusta….

    Get well soon Moni

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