Posted by: Moni | March 16, 2008


Twice in the last month, I’ve taken a road trip to the valley.  I’ve made this trip countless times over the last eight years that I’ve lived in Austin.  I go to see my family, my friends and the place I grew up in.  My parents and grandparents all live in the same houses and I’ve watched the area grow from afar.. its funny, while it was the place I grew up in – its no longer my home. I was never really comfortable there, honestly, but going back always brings me back to days when life was so starkly different, I hardly remember the person I was.  I’ll pass by a landmark that will bring a memory back, and will more often then not sit there and shake my head with a chuckle.

The road to and from the RGV is about a five and a half hour drive for me, and I pass the time with a soundtrack and landmarks.  Here’s a photo log from Edinburg back to Austin of the checkpoints I have that help me pass the time.

Edinburg. My hometown. I know you don’t see anything of it, but there isn’t anything on my way out anyways.

The Border Patrol checkpoint just south of Falfurrias. I typically stop at the rest stop that is 3 miles on.

George West. I got a ticket right there once.

The big hill.  This marks 2 1/2 hours into the trip, with 2 1/2 hours to go. Off of I-37.

The fence south of San Antonio.  I don’t know why, but this is where I start calling people.

The Alamodome.  I don’t go by 410, I take 37 to 35 and pass through downtown San Antonio.

After this, its all city and no more country scenery.

Once, I discussed the trip with a friend and we had the complete opposite view of the trip home. I feel like the city part is the fastest moving and easy part of the drive, and she thought the country part took no time but the city part was killer.  It actually kind of attests to our attitudes about where to live in general, too.



  1. I think the country is the longest part of that drive. I’ve only done the drive directly back to Austin like twice, though. We usually had to get back to Houston, first…. *sigh*

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