Posted by: Moni | July 8, 2008

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake CitySo far, Salt Lake City is absolutely gorgeous. OK, in the mornings its a bit smoggy, but that burns off by the end of the day. 

The trip over was uneventful – I was completely exhausted after a long 4th of July weekend, and fell asleep a few times on the way over.   There was a guy on my shuttle, and flight, and rental car place, so we started talking because that was kind of weird.  We ended up staying in hotels that were two blocks away from each other, which is pretty nice because it made for an instant dinner partner.

The sites I’m visiting in SLC are a ways apart from each other!  One is located about 20 miles south, so I visited that one yesterday – and the one I’m at today was 20 minutes north.  There is a world of difference between the two places, and the scenery has definitely been worth looking at!  There was a few wind power fans scattered on the way out yesterday, and the mountain range was a very scenic look at what the area is about.   I’ve talked to a lot of people, and everyone is into outdoorsy types of things.  Its a very mixed culture of LDS and Natives, stuff like that.

Yesterday, I went to the Gateway shopping center – which is very much like the Domain in Austin – walked around and had dinner and did some shopping with the airport dude.  It was OK – my friend Ruben (who is coming in to SLC today – YAY!) told me a couple of places to go check out, so I went up there and checked out some Utah beer to see what it was all about.. (yes, that was slightly sarcastic seeing as how its lower in alc volume).  It was a pretty fun time up until the airport dude propositioned me.  Then, I got angry and took off. Way to sour a good day! Bah, frequent travellers! I know all about it and all, but sheesh.. I thought I did a good job of saying “not interested” but I guess not.

It makes me look forward to Ruben getting back here.  Will definitely be more settled hanging out with him for tomorrow before I go to the next destination. 🙂  I think tonight I’ll try to take a trip out to Park City and see the Olympic Village or something. Alone. LOL.


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