Posted by: Moni | August 23, 2008


I always feel incredibly nostalgic when I go to the Valley.

That is, the Rio Grande Valley. The one in Texas. Its a valley because its at the delta of a river, mkay?

So, I grew up here but never really felt comfortable living here. I always kind of felt like an outsider, or like I didn’t really belong where I was. It started getting better in high school and college, but the second I got an opportunity to move to Austin, I took it.  I’ve always felt way more at home in Austin, even with I was a kid – but all of that doesn’t change that this place is where my roots are.

Its been raining almost nonstop for about 11 days – the hurricane damage is still prevalent, there is still debris laying around, but it somehow all reminds me of being a kid again.  We drove around, and I noticed all the things that are so familiar to me, yet completely unavailable to me in Austin.  The fierceness of an afternoon valley summer rain, the siestas, the way everyone hugs and kisses when they see each other.. the condensation on the windows of every storefront. Palm trees. Gorgeous flowering vines. Spanish tile. Fabuloso. ;)

I drove over to my cousin’s coffee shop, Ambrosia, and hung out there with my parents for a little bit.  I got to chit chat with him and see how he was doing, which was nice.. I’m going to meet another cousin’s new baby tomorrow, too. Hmm. Roots.  The art district in McAllen reminds me of my freshman year of college and hanging out with Shane James. That is one friendship I miss dearly. I know he’s around, but I feel guilty not hanging out with my family whenever I actually get down here.  I miss a lot of my old friends, and have a lot of fabulous memories with my friends from “the lab” and school in general.

I don’t know if I could ever live here again – I don’t ever think that I can – but I do know I have a home and a chunk of my heart here.


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