Posted by: Moni | September 8, 2008

Longest. Flight. Ever.

So this is going to be a “waa” post if I’ve ever written one.. I hate it when people complain, but all I have is adventure on this trip to tell everyone about.

First piece – my own fault! My good friend Christian is leaving Austin, so the night before I left he had a “lets go downtown” shindig.  I went with my wonderful friends, and lo and behold – its 4am when I’m getting home and Super Shuttle is coming to get me in 45 minutes.  So I keep myself awake, make sure I have everything packed, and go to the airport at the butt crack of dawn to catch a flight that is 3 hours later.  The lovely ladies at the AA first class desk put me on the early flight to Dallas so I can stay in one place for a while – which ends up being a LONG while because…

The flight to Tokyo was delayed!  Wow-ee.. by almost two hours.  It wasn’t so bad, because the connection to Manila was going to take us about 5 hours anyhow.  I met up with a coworker in Dallas, and we waited it out until it was time to leave.  The flight to Tokyo was interesting yet painful.  I think I like the old business class seats better than the new ones, even though the new ones have more functionality.  They were a little bit more comfortable.  I had a hard time sleeping even though I was wiped out from the night before just because of the discomfort – which is saying a lot because I’m usually that person who is out cold before the plane even takes off.

Thankfully, I sat next to a very normal lady who didn’t bug me at all.  WHEW! Oh, then there were a couple of rednecks behind us who would speak loudly about how their wives don’t mind if they sleep with girls in Asia. The girl and I kept giving each other looks of disbelief at the crap they were talking about — but really, if I were there wives I wouldn’t mind either.. that would get them off of ME! 😛  Hahah.. then, there was a guy on the flight who looked SO very familiar to me.  I could not place him at all.. but I think I’ve been on that transpacific flight with him before.  By the end I was trying to remember where he worked, but oh well.

Then we get to Tokyo.  We took the train out to the new terminal and hung out in the Admiral’s lounge drinking beer from that wonderful little Asahi dispenser. There we ran into our other travel partner, who had run into ANOTHER person from work!  We’re apparently a little party out here this time — which honestly is wonderful for me.  I’m so used to going this trip alone.. its been a nice change of pace.

Tokyo to Manila – delayed again.  Why?  There’s a category 2 tropical depression! ah! So we get in, get a little turbulence and a lot of rain. Ahhh. Welcome Back Miss Monica!!  Everyone at the hotel still recognizes me.  The lounge guys all said hi, and asked how long I’d be here.. the concierges did as well.  I’m definitely not on the same routine as last time though – this time I’m hitting the gym a lot more!  I actually went today even though I could use today as a bye day since I’ve had very VERY little sleep in the last 48 hours. I went anyhow – I feel wired and decided I could use it.

I feel good!  This is going to be an insanely busy business trip, with more travel thrown in (HELLO islands!).


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