Posted by: Moni | April 27, 2009


22nd – 23rd.

Airplane, no sleep, trains from Frankfurt to Stuttgart.  Stuttgart to Weil der Stadt (but almost went to Fielderstadt).  Arrived to JR and Remy’s – Gorgeous house! – went on a drive to Weil der Stadt, found a supermarket and got some Kinder Eggs and Dessert.  Kept on the drive, and went to Bad Liederwald – the edge of the Black Forest. The Black Forest! Isn’t that from the fairy tales? Yes! 

Went on a 7k walk around the forest with Reny’s German Shepard, Yumbo. Reny amazes me. 8 months pregnant and hiking, dog training. Yumbo is so amazingly good.  Went home, drank coffee, watched a movie, drank more coffee, waited for JR to get home .. had wine and anisette. Real anesette.

24th – Robert – Bosh – Krankenhaus. Experienced a German hospital. Its pretty! You wouldn’t think its a hospital.  Later on, went to Stuttgart’s Springfest (Frühlingsfest) – had a lot of time on the Autobahn. Autobahn is fun! I wished I was driving.

25th – Back to Stuttgart for train ticckets.  I hope it goes well.. since I left my railpass at home. That’s right. I did that. I didn’t know that piece of paper was a railpass.  Fixed it, hung around Stuttgart, ate Gelato, took pix. Reminded self to give JR-co Tina and Tanya’s email addies. Washed clothes, went to bed.


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