Posted by: Moni | April 27, 2009


26th. Train to Italy. There was at first, a really crazy old woman. Slamming papers, sighing. Caning. The works.  Got to Milan, ran.  Got to Rome. Got help from a nice lady behind a counter. Found my crazy ass landlord.  Crazy ass landlord dragged me around town (literally), from trattoria to by the ruins, to the presidentail office.. until I demanded to go back. That fixed it. Slept badly.

27th – After a crap breakfast, got into a better (quieter!) room.  Went and wandered around a bit, found the colosseum, took the metro to the Vatican. Got more pics. Went shopping.  My metro ticket was lifted. Got another. Went back with intentions of shopping more – RAIN! – Stayed in, went to eat, then ate my weight’s wroth of pesto pasta, caprese salad, vino russo.  Trattoria played 1 cd over and over.  Had a half bottle portion of wine and then 2 shots of limoncello for desert. 23 euro for the whole thing?  I want to go back.  Trattoria had a poem on the wall. Wrote it down, will transcribe later.

Thankful that ATT has int’l txt for free. Txting Alex and Tweets the whole time. Sigh.


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