Posted by: Moni | July 6, 2010

Virgina is for Lovers!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  We have BBQs, Beer and Fireworks among a setting of friends and family, so of COURSE that sounds like a great combination to me!

This year, we went up to Virginia to see some of K’s friends, and get up to Washington DC in order to watch the fireworks at the Capitol.   I had not met these friends of his – and I was very eager to do so, since these are in the class of those very close awesome friends who he hadn’t seen in a couple of years due to distance and well, life.

We packed up the dogs and headed up there, and I was kind of like a kid going to a new place – I’ve been to DC before, but not really to Virginia.. and the drive was just TREES.  The Mid-Atlantic region is apparently just like this – completely lined with trees.  For me, that’s actually kind of hard to work with – I’m used to the Texas plains and skies where you can see for miles around you, and here, it seems like the trees block just about everything out of view.  This isn’t  bad, mind you, just different.  It was strange to me that we were passing by sizable towns, but had zero visibility to them. Anyhow – we made it up there, and the friends we were visiting actually lived two houses down from K’s old house – so I got to see it and actually go in it later on that weekend.   I met everyone, and we went to a BBQ where we met more people and I got to know some new friends.  It was great. 🙂

Later on in the evening, we were going to go to DC – but decided we were just too effing tired after the last few days we’ve had.  They were actually going down there pretty much just for me, so since I had seen the nation’s display when I was in college (and we’ll get much more opportunity to go into the city when its not so crowded), I made the call to just sit on the couch and visit with some other friends who came by a bit more.  So, we watched the display on PBS, commented on the crowds, snacked on watermelon, popcorn and melon, and had a good time playing pool downstairs later on that night.

The next morning, we actually went to K’s old house for brunch!  The new owners got married the night before – downtown on the top of a hotel, with windows for the fireworks display – and held a brunch the next morning.  I think it was  a little surreal for K, but also good to see the subtle changes in the yard.  I got to hear a lot about a crazy Italian neighbor (no surprise there), meet a few people with similar interests, and watch some really darn cute kids.

While the trip out of town was very tame and we didn’t get out very much – I think it was very needed to recharge our batteries. I’m really glad we made it out there!


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