Posted by: Moni | February 9, 2011

Jost Van Dyke

When we started telling our friends that we were going to the VI to get married, one of Kyle’s friends responded immediately with, “You HAVE to make it to Jost Van Dyke for New Year’s! Its the only place to be!”

Well, not knowing much about the VI, I didn’t really know what the hell he was talking about.  I did know that the man knew the islands really well, as he owns a water taxi business on the islands, so after we got that message, I started Googling it to check it out.  Well, lets start with Jost.  Jost Van Dyke is a tiny island in the VI chain, belonging to the British side.  Its 8 square km (hell yeah, that’d be a good beach run!), has a native population, a couple of resorts and a famous lil bar called Foxy’s.  Foxy’s is a place of legend, where the hospitality of Foxy himself is SO off the charts, he was knighted by the queen for his contribution to British tourism!  Every year, there is a gi-normous party there that brings in thousands of people and countless celebrities (apparently) to par-tay on New Year’s Eve (also known as Old Year’s Night).

Greg graciously hosted us on his ferry service, and off we went to the BVI for NYE.  We had to have passports, cash and a lot of patience – and I say patience, because if you’ve ever traveled internationally on a holiday, you have to know that if you’re waiting in line to get in a country with thousands of other people.. you WILL be in line for a while.  We took off pretty early, arrived and got checked in about an hour later.  It was fun, though, because really- who can complain about waiting on customs on a beach?  Ok, lots of people, but I didn’t mind so much.

Jost Van Dyke, at the port


See those storm clouds?  Yeah, we got rained on a little.  But again.. island life!  Its all good!  We got in and wandered down to the bar area to get our New Year’s on. There were little food stands and bars lined up and down the beach, heading up to Foxy’s – where there was a HUGE covered area with bars and live music going on, along with souvenier shops and other random things that you don’t always see.

A statue of Foxy... and an interesting monkey.


The environment was electric, and there was SO much food and culture there – you’d seriously expect to see Anthony Bourdain there with a crew covering the different types of cuisine and amount of partiers there.  It was crazy.  There were soups, chicken, TONS and TONS of alcohol every where you looked (and everything was cheeeaaaap!), fish, veggies.. I can’t even begin to list everything out there, but it was all uniquely prepared in island style.  It felt like throwing back to trips to the Philippines with the friendliness of everyone there and fun.

I wanted to eat it. All of it.

There was lots of drinking, lots of fun, and new friends made.  I think we invited like 8 people to our wedding, but thankfully, no one showed up. 😛  After the countdown, we meandered back to the dock to get the ferry back to St. John.  It took us probably about two and a half hours to get back to the hotel – with wading through the crowds, the ferry trip back, and getting through US customs.  It made for a very tiring and long night before our wedding – which was fine, since the wedding wasn’t until sunset the next day – but we were in good spirits and had a blast.  I think it was a great experience, and something I’d say, ‘YES! If you get the chance to go, do it!’ … but, the smarter way to go about it would be to get a hotel or a camp site.  In fact, I insist. You’ll be much happier that way, and if you happen to over indulge, you won’t accidentally miss your ferry or taxi or puke at customs.  We were fine, but there were some people at the end of the line who were… well, not so much.

Well, that was another item on the old “bucket list” that is checked off.  I’ve partied like a rock star on Jost Van Dyke for New Year’s.  Annnnnd I’m all done with that. 🙂



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