Posted by: Moni | April 12, 2011

NYC – The Book of Mormon and Crab Legs

Odd choice of title name, I know, but those are two of the most memorable parts of this trip!

My hubby and I had the opportunity to go to NYC and attend the opening weekend of The Book of Mormon on Broadway, while going up and seeing some of his friends from high school.  It was really kind of a spur of the moment trip – we literally decided to go on Thursday, and were on a plane on Saturday.  I kind of didn’t believe that we were actually going, and were going to go see the show until we were on the plane!  It was kind of surreal, and that was only the beginning.  I had never been to NYC for longer than six hours on layovers, so it was an exciting prospect for a spur of the moment trip!

Saturday morning rolled around, and at 4am we were up and off to the airport.  Three hours later, we were at JFK, and on our way to lunch with K’s friends.  Now, a little background weirdness – I haven’t met a whole lot of K’s close friends, since he was relatively new to Austin when we met and we moved out to NC together – they’re mostly in Colorado, DC, or other random places.  So, I was really psyched to meet two of them in one trip.  We all went out to breakfast (YUM!) and then to a walk on The High Line, which is a newly constructed high rise park in the Meat Packing district.

The park was really cool.  It was a little chilly that day, but we walked the entire length back and forth and I got to take in some of the sights that are along the way.  The construction was fantastic, and I could just imagine how pretty it is in the spring with everything in bloom!  It has a lot of modern flair to it, and you can actually lounge on chairs that are on wheels on the railroad track.  You walk under The Standard Hotel, which is a new construction that looks 70’s mod, and looks really freakin’ cool.  There are little mini seating areas and stages where there could be small performances.. viewing stations.. all kinds of cool stuff.  Oh, and can I mention that I loved seeing a bunch of runners up there?

After that, we went back to his friend’s place to hang out for a while before getting ready for the show, and I got to hear lots of fun stories about K’s high school years. Not really about him specifically, but just the group of friends and their dynamic. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip.. but alas, we were then off to rest and nap before the show as we were up quite early.  Its a good thing we did, because the night turned into quite the good time!

Refreshed and ready to par-tay!

After dinner right by the theater, we went to the theater and got our seats for The Book of Mormon.  The seats were GREAT, and I have to thank the theater gods for not putting anyone in front of me so I could actually see everything that was going on!  The last time I saw a show, there was a tall dude in front of me, and it was pretty much lost.  Not so in this case.. and its a damned good thing, because the show was truly fantastic!  First off – its not really all that offensive (to a non-Mormon), and is REALLY well done.  Its about a pair of young men who get sent off on their first mission to a very unlikely place, and the journey they take while trying to get people to buy in to the religion.  The music was great, and the songs take you into their world.. the cast was perfectly picked out, and its seriously a non stop barrel of laughs.  There was always a little detail to notice that made me light up and have a giggle, with all of its upfront jokes, side jokes, and most awesomely – the appeal to today’s audiences.  Its so entertaining, you don’t have time to wonder about what is going on over on Facebook or Twitter – you’re literally taken up by the show and drawn in.  Its definitely the creator’s best work, hands down.  I was thoroughly impressed, and cannot recommend the show enough!

Hello! Hello!

After that, we went to an after party (being that it was the opening weekend, there were lots of those) and hung out with some of the cast and crew.  The ones we did meet were really cool, down to earth, and were just having a general good time afterwards, which was great to see.  The after party was in a loud club (not our scene), and we soon went off to another party that happened to be an after party for an awards show hosted by one of our favorite networks.  Um, TOTALLY not expected.  It was literally a “hum, lets leave this party, get into a black SUV, and go to another” kind of night.  This second party was awesome – not just because of the open bar and REALLY cool place and yummy tapas – but it had a ton of talent in the room.  We met actors from The Office, The Daily Show, South Park, and other places/faces I could recognize but probably not tell you who they were.. and Uncle Jesse. My husband actually had hung out with him in the past, apparently, at his friend’s house in Cali, so they caught up a little bit and I got to spill a little bit of tequila on him with my clumsy self. Good job, Moni, get down with your bad self. 😛  We finally got tired out and went back to the hotel at around 2:30am, with my head completely reeling from the awesomeness that we had just experienced. I mean, REALLY?  A Broadway musical and a black tie afterparty? Did that ACTUALLY happen?  Wow.

The next day was not as surreal, but definitely just as cool.  We did a little sightseeing, and after a very late sleep in, we went down to brunch with K’s friends, and then off to Central Park to do some touristy sightseeing. We walked around and got on the glacier rocks, saw a 5K get torn down, and cabbed around Manhattan.  We had planned on going to Ellis Island to view to Statue of Liberty, but decided we were tired and went back to chill out and grab a drink.  Later on that night, we went to the gallery opening of South Park’s 15th Anniversary Art Show, another unexpected surprise, and um.. can I just say, that the creativity we saw in that room blew my mind a little bit more?  Check out the slide show at the bottom of the link I posted there – my favorite was “Hennifer Lopez” which is a rendition of South Park’s idea of J.Lo. 😛  Oh, and that nifty Last Supper portrait that is at the top of the page?  Really well done – and we got some iPhone and iPad covers from the event that are copies of the portrait.

After that, we went back to K’s friend’s house again to hang out and order some dinner.  This is where the crab legs come into play.  Usually, when you say, “Lets go and get some take out” you think of maybe Chinese or Thai.. and well, we ended up getting some tasty Thai too – but the majority of what we got delivered?  Crab legs.  I’m not kidding. Its ridiculous sounding, because really, who thinks that it sounds like it would be a good idea?  Let me tell you.. these were the best crab legs I’ve ever had. They were REALLY fresh, ice cold, and really meaty. I had no idea I enjoyed crab that much, and there’s a reason why. I hadn’t had really good crab legs like that before!  Its definitely the most decadent thing I’ve ever had as an order-in meal.

All in all – it was a fantastic trip, and I had a blast.  I don’t know where the next trip will take me, but it’ll be tough to top!



  1. I love NYC almost as much as I love crab legs–sounds like an amazing trip!

  2. super jealous of you getting to meet all those stars! take me with you next time 😉

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